Some time ago we told you about the increase in Spain of the sale and purchase of second-hand clothes. Today we will talk about Percentile, a website where you can buy and sell  almost new clothes for kids of all ages.

Percentile was created by Daniel and Lourdes, parents of twin girls when they realized how fast they grew their daughters and how ​​little use of their clothes they were making. They thought that, like them, for sure there were more parents who were wondering what to do with clothes in good condition that their children no longer could use.

In our previous post about this issue, we explained our experience selling our clothes, so this time we will talk about how easy it has been buying practically  clothes.
Percentile website is very easy to use. You can find over 10,000 items cataloged by age according to the sex of the child. Also if you are looking for something specific you can find it quickly from its tabs.

Prices are different but you can find clothes with labels from 4 euros, yes, you heard correctly, even new swimsuits for 6 -. € (which is what we bought). A bargain if you think about the price of season articles)
The purchase process is simple and in a few days you have the clothes in your house, a messenger brings them home. Look how cute are bathing suits we bought:

We encourage you to enter in their website and check the process.  Take advantage now that there are several promotions and discounts.

Web: here

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