Osona Tourism is offering a new tool to make it easier for families to find fun and educational activities in the region. Through their new web search engine, you can now filter activities by age, type, theme, municipality, and more.

Website: Family Activities Osona


Explore Osona as a family through a variety of fun and educational activities.

The range of educational activities in Osona is very diverse, with specially designed proposals to suit different ages and interests, ensuring that every family member can find something enjoyable and enriching. This includes options for both young children and teenagers, covering a wide range of thematic areas such as local history, environmental preservation, cultural traditions, and the arts. Thus, it provides a comprehensive experience that promotes knowledge and appreciation of the heritage and natural environment of the Osona region.

Find the Ideal Activity for Everyone

From the youngest to the oldest, they offer a wide variety of proposals for all ages, from artistic workshops to activities in nature, including games to learn about our history. You can also experience gastronomic workshops where creativity can soar.

Explore Osona from end to end, from the vibrant city of Vic to the rural villages surrounded by nature. There are proposals for everyone.

Easy and convenient

Finding activities is very simple. You can filter by age, theme, type of activity, location, and more until you find the perfect option for you.

In each activity, you will find detailed information, photos, prices, schedules, and contact details with the organizers. Additionally, you can make online reservations to secure your spot with just a simple click.

Learning through Experience

Osona Tourism believes that learning should not only take place in classrooms and wants to make the benefits of learning in nature available to families in urban areas, promoting active learning by exploring Osona in a fun way and discovering the natural and cultural heritage of the region in a playful and educational manner. Share unforgettable moments with your children through unique activities.

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