As I’ve said in previous posts, my family & myself are fans of CaixaForum. We like to hang out there to enjoy the latest exhibition or meet friends in the cafeteria and have a drink.


For those of you who do not know CaixaForum, I summarize why we love it so much in 8 reasons:

Reason nr# 1: well located.
It is located near Plaza España (Metro Plaza Espanya), You can get there by bicing or Tourist Bus. Car parking is also available.


Reason nr# 2: Modernist and modern Architecture
The current building was designed by architect Josep Puig Cadafalch, one of the three most representative Catalan architects of modernism, contemporary to Domènech i Muntaner and Antoni Gaudí.

Josep Puig and Cadalfalch works are as famous as Casa Amatller or Casa de les Punxes, both in Barcelona city and worth visiting.


Originally Casarramona housed a textile factory. The building opened in 1913 and was revolutionary for its time. It was awarded the first prize in the annual artistic buildings of the City of Barcelona.


But the factory permanently abandoned its industrial activity in 1919, and during a long period the place remained closed. “La Caixa” acquired the building and in 2002 opened CaixaForum.

For the restoration of the building worked internationally renowned architects Arata Isozaki (His are the famous “twin trees”), Francisco Javier Asarta, Roberto Luna and Robert Brufau.


Reason nr# 3: 100% Kids Friendly
CaixaForum is a place where children are always welcome.


At the entrance, if you leave your passport, they provide you free puzzles for children to play around.


CaixaForum Kids perform activities, workshops and concerts for the whole family at reasonable prices .


Reason nr# 4: The terrace
Many people do not know that you can access the terrace (the cover of the old factory) from entering the elevator located on the left.


At first my little girls could enter, now only people over 16 years are allowed to pass. So if you go 2 or more adults, please take turns for one to stay with the children and another out to have a look. Do not forget the camera!. From the terrace there are fantastic views to the MNAC.


Reason nr# 5: The cafeteria
The caixaforum café is a space that invites you to come and have a snack or drink. Both in any of its two outdoor terraces


or in its spacious interior.


cafeteria caixaforum


Reason nr# 6: The Book store
We are never going to CaixaForum without entering the Book store. It is great to browse among such a extensive literature selection for both adults and children.



Reason nr# 7: Exhibitions
CaixaForum has become one of the most dynamic cultural spaces, active and alive in the city where you can visit exhibitions. Unfortunately they are not free anymore 🙁 . Prices are: 4 eur adults entrance. Free entrance for people under 16 years.  La Caixa customers also free entrance.


Reason nr# 8: Free Wi-fi
A super advantage to cyberaddicts ☺

My question is for you CaixaForum regulars: do you you think I’ve missed any other important reason to visit Caixaforum?

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Tel. 93 476 86 00
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