Visiting La Pedrera with children is a perfect plan in Barcelona. If you are visiting Barcelona or living in the city, you cannot miss La Pedrera, one of Gaudí’s most important buildings that leaves no one indifferent. Discovering all the corners of La Pedrera will enchant you, and you can do it in numerous ways, perfect for all ages.

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Although La Pedrera is world-renowned under this name, the official name of this beautiful modernist building on Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona is Casa Milà. Located in the heart of Barcelona, it is one of Gaudí’s greatest architectural jewels.

The Pedrera building was commissioned to Gaudí by one of the bourgeois families of the time: the Milà-Segimon family.


La Pedrera was built between 1906 and 1912. It was a complex construction, with financial and legal problems, and was not without controversy. Gaudí constantly changed his projects to shape the appearance and structures of the building.

The architect went far beyond the estimated budget and did not respect the City Council regulations: the building was illegal in the constructed volume. The attic and the roof exceeded the maximum allowed, and one of the pillars of the facade occupied part of the sidewalk of Passeig de Gràcia.

Gaudí was concerned with satisfying the needs of modern life “without the nature of the materials or their resistance conditions being an obstacle that limits their freedom of action,” and describes the column structure as a novelty to achieve very spacious and bright spaces.

After many years, Casa Milà “La Pedrera” was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and was restored and opened to the public as a cultural center in 1996.


You have different options to get to know La Pedrera depending on what you are looking for, the age of the children, or if you want a night visit with a musical show. The options that you can enjoy the most with your family are the following:

LA PEDRERA ESSENTIAL. A self-guided visit with an audio guide, perfect for taking it easy or at your own pace. A perfect way to discover all the spaces of the building your way. More information: La Pedrera Essential.

LA PEDRERA COMPLETE. In this visit, you will have the opportunity to get to know La Pedrera and also enjoy an immersive virtual experience in the mezzanine of the house. You will be able to discover Gaudí’s inspiration, the commission, the first owners of La Pedrera, and all the stories that the building has lived through the virtual tour that includes the latest technology glasses in a space that we can only visit with the La Pedrera Complete ticket, the mezzanine of the building. More information: La Pedrera Complete.

LA PEDRERA NIGHT EXPERIENCE. With this ticket, you will have a guided night visit to different spaces in La Pedrera and end up experiencing a spectacular experience on the warriors’ rooftop. During the visit, you will see several projections that will culminate in a videomapping on the rooftop of Gaudí’s building, where the unique architecture of this space is used to take a journey to the origin of life. More information: La Pedrera Night Experience.


Furthermore, visiting La Pedrera with children is always a great idea as numerous family activities and workshops are organized throughout the year. You can check La Pedrera’s agenda to see all the family activities they offer, which vary depending on the season.


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More information: La Pedrera with children.

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