Taller de galletas niños

Last week we went to a biscuits workshop for children which was organised at L’Obrador Forn Artesa. L’Obrador, as its name indicates, is an artisan bakery where they want to retrieve the “old” bread using local and ecologic flour.

Panadería l'obrador

For sure if you ‘ve been to any of the bakeries you fell in love with its decoration. Furthermore its philosophy is to have the whole preparation of the bread in front of the customers eyes where you can see how the bakers knead the dough, prepare the products and how they cook them in stone stoves.

At L’obrador you can find all kinds of bread, from the most classic as the “el Pan de payés”, from Vienna… Kind of bread that were at risk of extinction like “la coca de forner”, the “coca de recate” or “pa negre” and breads more gourmet like spelt, sesame or bacon and onion type.

panadería l'Obrador

Apart from all this at L’Obrador they have an ideal space for cooking workshops. They invited us to participate in the workshop of Carnival biscuits (that’s why you will see the kids in pijamas;) ). We were the whole evening enjoying while Belén  was showing us how it was done how they were decorating the biscuits, the tricks to prepare well the glasa…

Taller de galletas

Taller de galletas Obrador

To mix well the coloring and to maintain the eye-catching beautiful colors and . . .

Taller de galletas para niños

How to decorate in the best way the buscuits at the moment. Not to say that the kids had a great time and they were very entertained making their biscuits.

Taller de galletas para niños

Taller galletas niños

The final prize was their “works of art” in some special cases for biscuits.

Taller de galletas infantil

There are many workshops for children and adults. Some are paid, but there are free also. We encourage you to sign up to its Club of “Crazy for bread” to receive all the information of its activities.

L’OBRADOR, Forn Artesà (Artisan Bakery)

Web: L’Obrador del Molí

Direction: C/Manuel de Falla nº32, Barcelona (Here is were we had the workshop but there are more stores)

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