Today we are going to talk to you about the best beaches of Barcelona and surroundings, but not the ones we like, but the ones that like to you, to anyoone that participated in the draw of the carrycot of lovely days. We have made a compilation of your reviews and comments and that’s how it came out the ranking of your favourite beaches. We have to admit that with some of you we coincide 100 %.


1. Sitges. The charm that has Sitges includes the main village, the promenade (ideal for biking with kids), the small open-air bar Sausalito, the aperitif in Kansas, Cala Morisca, makes it to be the best beach for you.

2. Castedefells. For its long and wide beaches with very much space and many open-air bars. Your favorite one has been undoubtedly the Ibiza, with castles for children, workshops, concerts. One day we will do a special post since it seems super to us and perfect to go in family. Its blog here.

3. El Prat. Its walk of easy access in bike, with a lot of areas of infantile games, also many terracottas where to take something (a drink or a snack). Ideal to go and see planes and have a walk to the delta of Llobregat. We have pending do this route in bike, so as soon as we have it done we ‘ll let you know.

4. Garraf. Tiny and cozy. Surrounded by ancient ” fishermen’s huts” green and white giving it a special charm. The “Cúpula” restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner as well as for tapas with children.

Playa de Garraf

5. Gavá Mar. With fine sand and wide coast. The chiringuito Kauai is one of the preferred by you. Also highly recommended the family visit!

6. La Barceloneta. Without a doubt, the most charming beach of the city. The atmosphere of the boardwalk, the fish restaurants, the view of the skyline of Barcelona makes this beach one of the preferred by everyone.

There are many more beaches Caldetas, Cabrera, Montgat, Vilasar, and of course, the fabulous beaches of Costa Brava or the wild beaches of the Calafat, l’Ametlla de Mar, etc… but today we ‘ll stay with these six.


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