Today we’re suggesting a perfect family excursion: getting to know the Torrent de Colobrers in Sabadell, Vallès Occidental. We did the excursion the first weekend of November, and we loved it. The route we took isn’t the complete one since our plan was to go to Parc Catalunya afterward and spend an afternoon in the park. The landscape was beautiful, fully autumnal, and the weather was with us. What more could you ask for?


The Torrent de Colobrers, a tributary of the Ripoll River, is also known as Torrent de Can Moragues, Can Pagès, or Torrent de la Tosca. It’s a place of great geological and landscape interest, as well as a route cherished by the people of Sabadell, so depending on the day you go, you may find the place somewhat busy. The stream originates in Castellar del Vallès, and as it passes through Sabadell, it creates a spectacular landscape with rich vegetation.

Our route is precisely from that stretch that passes through Sabadell and is part of the Ripoll River Fluvial Park.


Various blogs propose a circular route that starts from the Can Pagès restaurant (although you can also start from the Can Jonqueres picnic area) and passes by the Ermita de Togores. We were inspired by the route we had read on the blog “mama, què fem demà?” This circular route is about 7 kilometers long. However, we shortened this route considerably since we went back the same way, so we didn’t see the hermitage or the picnic area of ​​Molí de l’Amat. Instead, we combined this morning outing with another plan in Sabadell.

We started from the Can Pagès Restaurant, already permanently closed. We went by car and were lucky because we could park nearby, but I suppose if you don’t go early, it will be challenging to park there. I take the opportunity to say that it’s also possible to go by train (Sabadell Nord station), although you will have to walk a good distance to get to the start of the route.

The route starts next to the restaurant, where there is a wooden fence and a sign indicating that you are entering the Torrent de Colobrers.

The path doesn’t require much more signage since there is no loss: it runs parallel to the stream at all times. This is one of the charms of the route: the presence of water.


Being autumn, the landscape was beautiful: the ground covered with dry leaves, walls full of moss, and immense trees, simply a fairytale landscape!

Besides, everything was beautiful; I would also point out that the succession of walkways makes it a particularly pleasant path, especially for the little ones.

One of the most photographed spots is the FONT DE LA TOSCA I DEGOTALLS, on the left side of the path. Although not much water was falling, seeing the dripping from the moss gave it a magical touch. It’s a very cool corner, so in summer, it must be especially pleasant.

Further on, there is another one of those super-photographed spots: the FORADADA, which is an artificial cavity. That is, it’s not natural but was excavated by men.

But not only these points are worthy of being photographed. Everything is so beautiful that it’s worth stopping here and there to observe.

Continuing parallel to the river, you will reach another fence. When you pass it, you will find a fairly wide dirt track. Well, if you follow the track, you will find the FONT DE CAN MORAGUES.

In our case, this was the end of our route. We took the opportunity to eat there and returned the way we came.


In total, we were about two hours, not because it takes that long to do the route, but because we spent a good time stopped at the Font de la Tosca and the Font de Can Moragues, and we also entertained ourselves photographing everything we liked.

Finally, I give you some advice… If you go in hot weather, bring water because there are no fountains to drink from. If you want to eat there, there are no tables, but you can sit on some logs and rocks in a fairly large area above the Foradada. That’s what a large group of hikers we met was doing.

You can go with dogs, but they must be on a leash. And, finally, if you have doubts about whether your children can do this route or not, I will tell you that it is a very suitable route for families. It’s easy, enjoyable, and if you only do the stretch we did, it’s not long. Obviously, you can’t do it with a stroller, but you can always carry a mountain backpack.


If you want to complement this plan with others in Sabadell, I suggest you do what we did: an afternoon in Parc Catalunya. If you go in the afternoon, you won’t be able to enjoy the little train, which only runs on Sunday mornings, but it’s still worth it because it’s a huge park.

If you fancy a more cultural plan, there is a museum that we also like a lot: the Museu del Institut Català de Paleontologia Miguel Crusafont. If you do the excursion on a Saturday, you can visit the museum in the afternoon (on Sunday, it’s only open until noon).

And if you move around the area and want more plans in Vallès Occidental, don’t hesitate to check here.

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