If you are one of those people who carry a backpack with some sandwiches and get lost in the mountains or in a picturesque village, here is a plan that you will surely love: a visit to the village of Mura, in the Bages region, about an hour’s drive from Barcelona. It is worthwhile to complete this with a visit to Talamanca, which is less than half an hour’s drive away.


We discovered this place by a friend who is very fond of the mountains. Until then, it had never occurred to me to set foot in the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac Natural Park or, of course, to climb La Mola, but once you’ve been there, you will want to do it all over again. In any case, today I am not going to talk about the many possibilities that the Sant Llorenç Park offers for hikers, nor about how beautiful the landscape is when you climb La Mola, at the top of which, by the way, is a monastery. Today I want to talk about Mura.



To get to the village you must cross the Natural Park and go around a few bends. Once there, the best place to go is the Interpretation Centre. The first time we went to Mura, we didn’t go through the Centre and following some signs or by pure chance we reached the caves of Mura, but they were closed. The last time, we went to the Interpretation Centre and there, apart from giving us advice on routes to do with kids, they explained that the caves could no longer be visited to preserve their ecosystem.


Although the caves cannot be seen, the village itself is so interesting that a visit is a must. It is a very well-preserved medieval village that is not overcrowded at all. Whenever we have been there, we have always strolled quietly through its streets, which, by the way, are somewhat steep.  The church of Sant Martí is well worth a visit.

For the little ones, perhaps the most interesting thing is to find water here and there. In fact, there is a route that starts at the Interpretation Centre called the Ruta de les mil fonts (Route of the thousand springs), which is not too difficult.


There is also the Font de l’Era, next to a children’s playground. Another thing that might amuse the little ones at home is a small farm there. There are farm animals surrounded by a metal fence.  It is a small enclosure that I think you can’t enter, but from outside you can see the animals.


And, finally, it may also be interesting to go to the Sant Antoni hermitage, which, although it is closed, the path is easy, short (it is on the outskirts of the village) and pleasant.

After all that walking, if you fancy a coffee or lunch, if you haven’t gone with sandwiches, a place you’ll love is the restaurant Cal Carter, which apart from offering excellent food, has a terrace with beautiful views of the park.

If this visit to Mura is not enough for you, you can go to a village less than 5 kilometres from Mura.  It is called Talamanca. It is a medieval village and has a castle that you can visit.

Moreover, if you want to make the day perfect, this year you can contract the “Caçations” activity where you can find your “Tió” in a spot in Mura. Don’t miss out on the dates. Here you have all the info: search for the Tió in Mura.

Dates Tiós in Mura: december and january (*check the dates)

More info: Festa del Tió a Mura


Website: City of Mura

Address: Mura, Barcelona

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