In this section, I would like to mention the castles that we have visited in the province of Barcelona. These are some of the beautiful castles to visit near Barcelona: Eramprunyà Castle, Castelldefels Castle, Vallparadís Charterhouse, Talamca Castle, Santa Florentina Castle and Burriac Castle.Not all of them are listed, but we love these.



This castle is in the municipality of Gavà but remember that it is not in the centre of the town. While Castelldefels Castle can be reached by car right up to the gate, at Eramprunyà Castle you’ll have to take a backpack and climb up a slightly steep path (if you’re coming from the Bruguers Hermitage), but it’s very beautiful. You will be surprised by the reddish colour of the sand and the curious rock formations.

You can only enter if you have booked the free guided tour that takes place every second Sunday of the month (from October to June). The visit starts at the Bruguers Hermitage (on the road between Gavà and Begues) and is very worthwhile because it explains not only the historical value of the castle, but also issues to do with botany and geology, as the castle is in a privileged enclave within the Garraf Park.

By the way, it is a castle that is half in ruins, just like Burriac Castle or Claramunt Castles. Don’t expect to see sumptuous rooms like in Santa Florentina Castle or Castelldefels Castle. For more information you can read our article: Eramprunyà Castle.


This castle is very easy to get to, you can practically reach the gate by car. It originally had a defensive function against Arab invasions, and between the 16th and 17th centuries, against attacks by Berber pirates. At the end of the 19th century, a banker bought it and restored the castle, which was then in ruins. The result of this refurbishment is the main plan, made up of different rooms, some as spectacular as the Institutional Room.

Today you can visit different areas of the castle and you can also stroll through its gardens. In addition, you can also see the “Piratia” exhibition, which is sure to delight the little ones. More info: Castelldefels Castle and Piratia

More info and tickets: Castelldefels Castle


Other castle of easy access is the Cartuja de Vallparadís Castle (Terrassa), which is integrated in the Vallparadís Park of Terrassa.Its origins date back to the 12th century. Later it became a charterhouse and today it is the main headquarters of the Museu de Terrassa. I recommend you go on a Sunday, so that the little ones can ride the little train in the park. More info: Parque de Vallparadís de Terrassa.


This castle is in the Anoia region, specifically in Pobla de Claramunt. It has witnessed several wars and has undergone several reconstructions, but still retains its impressive fortress-like appearance.

It is not possible to reach it by car (if you have mobility problems, you can ask the Town Hall for help), but the route is easy because it is on a wide, asphalted track and the ascent is gentle.

What is perhaps most appealing to the kids is that during the journey there are several suggestions for them to enjoy their surroundings even more. This recreational-cultural tour has been called “La muntanya dels nens” (“The children’s mountain”). More info: Claramunt Castle


Talamanca Castle is in the historic centre of the town. We have only seen it from the outside, although I know that Talamanca Town Hall offers (or used to offer) guided tours of the castle, which was one of the places of the Catalan army’s last victory in the War of the Spanish Succession (1714). Whether or not you can enter the castle, I suggest you visit Talamanca and another village nearby, Mura, a perfect destination to explore with the family. Both towns, in the Bages region, are beautiful and the surroundings are breath-taking. More info: excursion to the Talamanca riverbed


Cardona Castle, considered one of the most important fortresses in Catalonia, is also in the Bages region. The castle is stunning, located in a privileged spot and houses a jewel of Catalan Lombard Romanesque architecture: the Collegiate Church of Sant Vicenç.

As if that wasn’t enough, the castle offers dramatised visits for families (there are also non-dramatised guided visits) and if you combine this with a tour of the Cardona Salt Mines, you’ll have a perfect weekend. More info: Cardona Castle


If you want to discover a spectacular castle, you cannot miss the Santa Florentina Castle in Canet de Mar (Maresme).

The castle is recorded from the 11th century, but it was restored by Domènech i Montaner in 1900, who incorporated modernist elements while respecting the Gothic canons of the old construction, and what was the result? A fairytale castle, or rather a movie castle, because scenes from Games of Thrones were shot there. More info: Santa Florentina Castle


So far, we haven’t blogged about Burriac Castle, but we’ve been there a couple of times and it’s one of those typical family outings if you like castles. Burriac Castle is a rock castle, i.e. a castle on the top of a rocky outcrop whose structure is adapted to the orography of the terrain. It is on the hill of Burriac, between the towns of Argentona and Cabrera de Mar (Maresme).

There are several different routes to get there. The most common departure is from Cabrera de Mar (about 4 km). The ascent along the path of the fountains, which you can find in NaturaLocal, is also very popular.

Instead of leaving from Cabrera, on both occasions we have left the car in a car park next to the start of the route, very close to the Font Picant picnic area. The route starts near the car park. The castle is in ruins, but the views are spectacular and if you leave from the car park near Font Picant, you will see that it is not a very demanding hike. However, here you will have to walk a little way up the mountain.

We’ll do the article shortly.

What is your favourite castle?

Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear it!

What is your favourite castle?

Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear it!


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