It´s been a long time since we had pending visiting the Port Cable Car. We´ve been there when we were kids but since then we had not gone back and whenever we were in the area we were saying that we had to return. So the other day, taking advantage of the fact that the children had not yet started school, we took the bikes and we headed to Barceloneta. At last, we were going to go up in the cable car!

Book your tickets: Barcelona Cable Car in Montjuïc


The cable car was built in 1926 designed to connect the 1929s exhibition with its maritime part. It connects Barceloneta with Montjuic mountain crossing nearly 1300 meters in about ten minutes. The two towers that hold it up the one in Barceloneta, the Tower of San Sebastián,is 78 meters high, and the other,  the Tower of Jaume I which is next to the sea, is 107 meters high.

We bought a round trip ticket from the tower of San Sebastian to Miramar.

Teleférico del Port

Arriving at the ticket office they immediately gave us priority for going with young children saving us the long queue of tourists under the blazing sun. It is something that they always do so it is totally family welcome.


As we went with our bikes we didn´t know if we could go up with them or we should leave them out. Given that the two adult bikes are folding they left us bring them up to the platform where they kept them in the staff room, including everything else we had with us. The staff was really kind all the time.

Going up on the elevator is a first impression of what you will see late. The children hallucinated.  Arriving at the platform we had to wait a little bit on the queue but it was very pleasant. Seeing your city from 78 meters high is amazing and also the weather was perfect.

Teleférico del Puerto Vistas desde el teleferico
The cabin has a capacity of up to 15 people, so it is ideal to be among the first to get in so as to be next to the window. The journey then it is very short … but so beautiful …

Book your tickets: Barcelona Cable Car in Montjuïc

Teleférico del Puerto


You can also see the Miramar Terrace Bar, for which we talked about in this post and where the cable car has a stop.

Telesférico del Puerto

The only problem we found in this experience is the price. One-way ticket costs €11 and round-trip €16,50 and there are no discounts for large families … luckily for children younger than 7 years old is free, so it worths taking advantage now that they are young. 🙂 Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the Port Cable Car is one of the less visited by locals monuments of our Artistic Heritage.

However, we strongly recommend visiting it at least once, as the views are, without doubt, some of the best ones of Barcelona.

TIP: Watch out, not to confuse it with the Montjuic cable car, as they are both in nearby areas and there can be a confusion.


Book your tickets: Barcelona Cable Car in Montjuïc

Website: Barcelona Port Cable Car

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