A few weeks ago we joined the first “urban picnic” by Moritz. The plan consisted of a route on  Brompton bikes from Moritz’s factory to anti-aircraft bunker located in the Carmel.
I could not recommend the route for kids, even though we brought our 3 kids along, but we did most of the route on the Moritz van because the slopes of the stage were very, very hard. Unless you are really fit!!!
Anyway the views are spectacular!!! And you have 360º views. 
The best views of Barcelona, also for kids 🙂
The anti-aircraft bunker located in Carmel is a civil war bunker and was built in 1937. Everything is pretty sloppy, with lots of graffiti, giving it a special charm.
To get there, you can go by car and buses 28 and 119 you come to the area (there are none that reaches above). The address is Maria Lavernia street, number 59.

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