The other day I read a post on a blog, which I do not remember the name, about the Castaween and I found it very funny. It is approaching the time of the Castañada and the Halloween and it seems that the latter is quitting the importance from the Catalan traditional festivity of the Castañada … It may be for the festive air, because the commercial marketing has achieved that at each corner, supermarket or neighborhood everything is all decorated with pumpkins …
I confess I am a Castañada lover and since I have children, more now than before, there is no year that we are not dancing during one month “quan es temps de menjar castanyes…”  (watch video here), they love it and to me watching them “picar de peus” too. The chestnuts seem a figure in extinction we should care, and I know, the weather in October is not as fancy to take many chestnuts, but never miss my appointment mandatory in buying a few chestnuts and sweet potatoes hummm … … and to add insult to tradition, is an ideal panellet … to do with children, easy, fun and good plan, real good …
The chestnut vendors seem a figure in danger of extinction that we should take care, and I know, the weather in October is not that tempting  to make you want to eat many chestnuts, but I never miss my mandatory  appointment mandatory for a few chestnuts and sweet potatoes hummm … … and to complete the tradition, panellets … is an ideal plan to make them with the help of your children, easy, fun and delicious, really delicious…


I must admit however that I “have sinned” and some times I have celebrated Halloween. It is not that I like the festivity itself but the pumpkin is “pleasant” and it’s fun emptying it and converting it in lantern. Kids love it. There was even a year that my mother wanted to celebrate it  reslunting in customizing everything. Look at the photos…


But as I said … we are fans of the Castañada and therefore we are going to pay a tribute to it by doing a different post in which we give you a real good recipe of panellets.

pic la Cocina de Carolina

pic la Cocina de Carolina

But as our tendency is not the kitchen … we leave you the link of the recipe from the blog Cocina de Carolina… if you do not know it, I recommend it because its recipes are easy, original and the photos are beautiful…. Here you have the link to the recipe. You will tell us about the result.
Enjoy the Castañada! or Castaween.
And you, of which one are you fan?

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