What is better than seizing vacations and going in an excursion with the “dwarves”? Ours are still quite small, before the gets too short we chose a simple route and not to long, 3.5 km, at Parque Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac.



For the itinerary, we follow the route that offered us this link on the website of the Diputació of Barcelona.

sant llorenç de munt

The circular route passes by the Riera of the small village of Talamanca.


There are many points of flora and fauna that attract the children’s attention.


As it hadn’t rained the way was clear, but in case it had we would need water boots or mountain boots.

The children didn’t stop running during all the way and they were interested by all the points of the excursions route: a mill, an old stove for tiles and bricks, a treadmill to extract water and the castle where the Talamanca battle took place in 1714.



Before climbing the last slope, we set up the camp: open out a couple of sarongs and we draw out the supplies.

The kids, eager for adventures, looked for a rock a little further from the adults and set up their own picnic.


Once back in Talamanca, it worths the visit, we took a coffee on the terrace of the bar, next to the square, without danger for the kids and we talked about our next excursion.

Do you know any simple route not far from Barcelona that could go with kids? Tell us!

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