The Park of Santa Amelia, or Villa Amelia as it’s called in reality, is one of our favorite parks of Barcelona. We would say even that it’s one of the best parks in Barcelona to go with children.

Formerly the gardens belonged to the family Girona who were using it as a summer holiday place. Nowadays it belongs to the Town hall of Barcelona and therefore it’s of free entrance.

Parque Santa AmeliaThere are different accesses to the Park, you can enter from street Eduardo Conde, from Manuel de Falla or Santa Amelia Street which is the one from whom we entered.

Only by entering you get astonished by the amount of plants and by how well maintaned they are.

Parque Santa AmeliaThe park is perfect for children to go on bicycle or scooter due to its number of ways that there are.

Patinando en Santa AmeliaThe games area is very wide and is separated according to the ages. There is a space for children, a table tennis, area for elders…

Zonas de juego

We also love it because it has a terrace with a bar where you can have an aperitif, or even eat and is pleasant both in winter as in summer.

Bar parque Santa AmeliaAt the upper zone there is a small pond surrounded by benches and a small ‘hill’ that will delight children since it’s ideal to play climbing it and hiding.

Lago parque Santa Amelia

On the other side of the street, are the gardens of Villa Cecilia which we will discuss it soon in another post.

Parque Santa Amelia

Useful Data:

Direction: Calle Santa Amèlia, Eduardo Conde o Manuel de Falla

It’s open the whole year from 10h and then.

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