A few weeks ago I told you that we would go back to have excursion on bike. This time it was by the mountain of Montjuïc. It gives me special illusion because I don’t use to go out there and I really wanted to remember its spots .


The day did not accompanied us too much, it rained a little but in spite of everything we could enjoy a big day of bike with very good company, my sister-in-law Ann.

Con bicis

For this post I tried to do a map of the route with google maps, so if someone is willing, can follow him. I don’t know if I’ve done it very well because I am novice, but I promise to get better. That yes, i dont accept complaints if someone follows the route and get lost.

I summarize our excursion. We left the factory Moritz and we head along the Rambla del Raval, then we passed Colon and took the Paseo Josep Carner. From there we began the ascent way to the gardens of Mossèn Costa i Llobera following the green round of Montjuic. The Green rounds are circuits designed for bikes around the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

The gardens Mossèn Costa i Llobera are cool. There are plenty of ‘cactus’ of different shapes and sizes. There are some enormous. In addition from that point there is nice viewing to the sea and to the port. The photos transmit a little “fear” because of the color of the sky… thunderstorm was approaching!

en camino para montjuic

Once you get up, the slope is quite steep, you take the road towards the viewpoint of Miramar, just below the Hotel. You have to leave the tunnel to the left and go along the way. There you have some more nice views of Barcelona.


After the stop at the Miramar Hotel waiting for the rain to pass we continue to the route until the gardens of Joan Brossa. These gardens are located where previously used to be the funfair of Montjuïc Park, do you remember?, wouldn’t have ever said it. It’s a huge park. In fact while I was documenting to be able to inform you of the exact sites we were passing through I’ve noticed that in these gardens there are many areas that we didn’t see and seem really nice for the children. So I leave you the link of the Park if you want to visit it one day with spare time. The ascent with the bike is very grateful because the road is doing “zigzag”.

Con las bicis


At the end of the gardens, we reach the gazer del Alcalde. A lovely place with, again, a very nice view. The slope of the location makes the area to be divided into several terraces, on one of them there is a waterfall, in another a small lake and everything is connected with stairs.


Vista con los niños

These photos are taken from the first terrace. I love them because in distance you can see the rain over the sea. On the next terrace we made the group photo, facing the waterfall.

Mirador del Alcalde Montjuic

And we continue going up until we reach the castle of Montjuïc. I dont’t have good photos of the Castle as it was full…. will it be because they are going to make it with entrance fee?.

Castillo de Montjuic

We bordered the castle behind, enjoying the beautiful views of the beautiful countryside of the Castle, of the contrast of the road, a sight worthy to be known.

Castillo de Montjuic

And we got to the Caseta del Migdia for which will talk another day. There, they gave us the well deserved picnic with some great assistants.

Los peques a Moritz

With our bag we headed to the area behind the Castle where we could enjoy the music of our already friend Vincent and the view over the port of Barcelona.

Castillo Montjuic

Vistas Barcelona

The descent was a pleasure.


I hope you liked the route. Soon we ‘ll make another one, this time will be less hard and with a special end. We will tell you.

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