Do you know Masadas square in Barcelona? Most of you will answer no, unless you live near or you are a collector.

plaza masadas barcelona

Source: photo Plaça Masadas

Masadas square is located in Barcelona, ​​in the zone of Sagrera, at the confluence of the streets of Coll, Monlau and Cortit. It is a beautiful square surrounded by porticoes, inspired by French neoclassical model.


But for what this square is famous its for its flea market for collectors the first Sunday of each month: a special place to buy, sell, exchange, or simply watch all kinds of antique toys.

bcn_colours_masadas_03An original and different place to visit with family. The children, watching curiously the great quantity of toys of all kinds.

bcn_colours_masadas_08 copia

The adults, recalling with nostalgia our childhood toys: Ibertren, Madelman, Geyperman, Guisval, Clicks of Famobil, Scalextric, doll houses, etc..


You know that in my family there is a lot of passion for #Playmobils and especially for the #Madelman, so it’s a place we visit often.
For example, today we have purchased all these Playmobils for 20 euros:


We have purchased them like this, by weight, without box, the highway in a stall, and the horses, the ladies with the bicycles, the Indians, the man with the boat, etc. in other stalls. Total = 20 euros.


As you can see, they are a mix of clicks of Famobil (former) and Playmobil (new).


Apart from playmobils and madelmans, lovers of trains, planes and cars can also find a gold mine: models and miniatures of trains, accessories, tunnels, bridges, traffic lights, books about trains, cars, airplanes, ships, metal soldiers, model making, scalextric and accessories.


The flea market of Masadas square is a good place to go to buy an original and well priced toy. Of course, if you want to buy items for collections and rarities, the prices will soar.


If you go with children, it is advisable to go early (at 10:00 h) because then it gets crowded and it can be a little bit stifling. We sometimes have opted for leaving the stroller in the car and take the girls on shoulder, to go safer.

bcn_colours_masadas_14 copia

We will be reminding you on our twitter @BCNColours when the first Sunday of each month is approaching so you can visit Masadas square to spend a fun morning with the kids.


Plaça Masadas, Barcelona

Collectors´ flea market

First Sunday of the month

Metro: L1 and L5 La Sagrera

Opening Time: From 10:00 to 14:00, During all the year except August

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