Tulabooks is a website where you can find plenty of fairytales, recommendations, children’s apps, shop and even a private area where you can share your experiences with the books you liked, value them and have your “library” of books that you want to read. But Tula, its turtle, is never still and so it organizes workshops, courses, lectures and theater plays in many bookstores in Barcelona and Madrid. 

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And in one of these courses we went last Wednesday. Tulaboooks has created a reading club for babies in the bookstore  A Peu de Pàgina  (a fantastic bookstore of Sarria for which we will talk about in more detail another day). 

Tulabooks y librería a Peu de Pagina

What is the purpose of the reading Club for babies? The activity of reading for children of 0-7 years old is very important because it has many emotional benefits, helps language development, sharpens empathy and communication and stimulates the imagination… Reading this don´t you just feel like taking the kids there to experiment and learn?

Tulabooks club de lectura para bebes

The course sessions are divided into different phases. Just getting in there and seeing how the room is organized it fancies you staying. María, the creator of Tulabooks, is in charge of invigorating the course … Her way of telling the fairytale dazzles the youngs and the olds. That day the theme of the fairytale was the bears.

Tulabooks club de lectura para bebé´sAfter María have read a couple of fairytales the free reading time came. Each child chose a fairytale to read alone or with us.

Tulabooks y Club de lectura para bebes

Then it came the “Activity”. This time, Maria organized a space where children could experience what they had learned from the fairytale … the grass, the stones, the mud, the cave, the snow so as to finally find the main character, the bear. Jorge loved this moment.

Tulabooks y Club de lectura para bebés

And finally we finished with Maria reading another fairytale in a very quiet way.

Tulabooks y Club de lectura para bebés

We recommend the experience, and not just because it is great for the kids to create a reading habit, but because it is a fantastic time to share with them.


Web: Tulabooks

Information of the reading club for babies:

Timetable: Monday from 11 to 11:45 fro babies of  6 to 18  months/ Wednesday from 17 to 17:45 for babies of 18 months to 3 years.

Price: 40.-€/month

Contact Information: llibreria@apeudepagina.com

Address: Major de Sarriá nº50, Barcelona

Tel. 932806050

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