Keep this post handy at all times! It will become your great multi-purpose resource. It’ll be your antidote for days when the thorns chase you and for days when the sun melts you. Here’s a selection of indoor children’s play spaces in Barcelona where you can enjoy symbolic play and free movement with your family.



Close your eyes and imagine a jungle full of vines and an ocean brimming with rubber balls. At Colorín Colorado, it’s time to put yourself in the shoes of Indiana Jones and traverse a huge wooden structure that recreates a jungle and a sea.

It’s time to climb, zigzag, slide, explore, sail, dive, and jump. Fortunately, there are ramps and ropes to help you reach the end of the course. A slide invites you to take a dip. And after a bath among balls, you can recharge energy in the cafe of the venue. And, back to the beginning! You can rent the room for events and celebrations. More information about their birthdays at Cumpleaños Barcelona

Where? Plaça John Lennon – More info: Colorín Coloreado – Instagram Colorín Coloreado

2. L’ESBARJO KIDS FAMILY- L’Esquerra de l’Eixample

At L’Esbarjo Kids Family, super agent Mortadelo would find it easy to achieve his famous transformations: veterinarian, supermarket cashier, doctor… The venue has different themed areas to enhance symbolic play, with a rack full of costumes.

This children’s space combines slow play with movement, as at the end of the venue, you’ll find the chiquipark area with tables, chairs, highchairs, and vending machines. There’s also an exclusive area for babies and crawlers with toys and games. The bathrooms have changing tables. There’s the option of babysitting and renting a private room with music equipment, a fridge, and a projector for birthdays.

Where? Carrer València 93 – More info: L’Esbarjo Kids & family – Instagram L’Esbarjo Kids


What creature doesn’t love to become a mechanic and tinker with wrenches, feel like a doctor using a stethoscope, or become a chef and prepare a fantastic pizza? At Les Casitas Ludoteca, they know this. That’s why, in this Gràcia venue, they have up to 5 wooden houses for boys and girls to unleash their imagination.

And to encourage free movement and motor skills, there’s a small climbing wall and Pickler furniture, with ramps, buckets, and wooden tunnels. You’ll also find a reading corner and costumes. The room has a small cafeteria with highchairs, and birthday parties can be organized.

Where? Carrer Sant Salvador 117 More info: Las Casitas  Instagram: Las Casitas

4. EL CAU- L’Esquerra de l’Eixample

Do you remember the legendary Emmet Brown from Back to the Future? Crossing the entrance door of El Cau is like immersing yourself in one of his eccentric creations. A large wooden structure simulating a burrow is the main protagonist of this venue. In its labyrinthine interior, full of nooks, slides, steps, ropes, ramps, and uneven surfaces intertwine.

Climb, jump, crawl, discover, observe, imagine, explore, create… how many infinitives to put into practice in this universe of free play! You’ll also find books, wooden toys, fabrics, a trapeze, and a Petrof piano. El Cau has a small cafeteria with highchairs and bathrooms with changing tables. They also organize family activities, and you can reserve the venue for celebrations.

Where? Carrer Villarroel 237 More info: El Cau 


Smileroom operates as a “escoleta” from Monday to Friday and transforms into a family play space on weekends. To enjoy its 120m2, you’ll have to rent the entire venue. It’s an ideal place for celebrations, birthdays, and private group events. They also organize workshops, family activities, and camps… and if you’re looking for a babysitter at home or a teacher for your little one, they can manage that too.

There’s a play area with a house, kitchen, and supermarket, a reading corner and wooden games, a psychomotor area with soft blocks, and a small outdoor patio.

Where? Carrer Entença 6. More info: Smileroom

6.CASAL INFANTIL URGELL- L’Esquerra de l’Eixample

Mark in red on your calendars every Friday from 17 to 19! It’s the day when Casal Infantil Urgell becomes a playful space for children aged 0 to 12 and their families. For the little ones, it’s a space for play and socialization, and for parents, it’s a meeting point to interact and share experiences and concerns with other families.

You’ll find corners and objects to enhance symbolic play, such as a kitchen, baby stroller, supermarket, iron, and a psychomotor circuit with mats.

Where? Carrer Comte d’Urgell 145- More info: Casal Infantil Urgell

7. PETITA DIDA- Sant Andreu

Petita Dida is a hidden store inside a barn in the Sant Andreu neighborhood. A store with a very complete free play area with costumes, symbolic play proposals, sensory play, unstructured materials, loose pieces, musical instruments, and a large open space for play to unfold freely.

It has a kitchen, dolls, books, colors, a treasure basket.

Where? Carrer Parellada 26. More info: Petita Dida

8. ECOTRIBU- La Sagrera

Warning for sailors! If you enter Ecotribu, you’ll want to take everything home. But this venue in Santa Andreu is much more than a store. In its free playroom, you can delve into the world of symbolic play with your family, using different materials that change every week: kinetic sand, sensory bottles, ball pit… In the other room, they organize activities for family enjoyment: music, psychomotor skills, and art. You can become a member of the Mama Club and get free access to the playroom and discounts in the store.

Where? Carrer Berenguer de Palou 31. More info:: Ecotribu

9. LA LUDO- La Ribera

Are you looking for a free, indoor, and free play space? It exists! Just go to La Ludo, in the heart of La Ciutadella. La Ludo is a municipal space for environmental education where free play takes center stage. Outside, there’s earth, logs, tires, and wooden structures. Inside, there are stories, games, construction pieces, and everyday objects to promote symbolic play.

Where? Parc de la Ciutadella. More info: La ludoteca del Parc de la Ciutadella

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