The Balloon Museum arrives in Barcelona, a unique experience created by a curatorial team that has designed contemporary art exhibitions where air is the distinctive element. A plan for the whole family that will be open until September 15, we recommend it… you’re going to have a great time! great!

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Discover the fascinating world of the Balloon Museum in Barcelona! This museum offers an experience in which you will enjoy art in a different way: you will be able to touch, experience and share, never static, but in constant movement, which creates an innovative relationship with the public.

An activity that appeals to both adults and children, making Inflatable Art one of the most acclaimed Pop movements in the world.


The current exhibition, entitled “Pop Air”, is the first one dedicated to Inflatable Art in Barcelona. It features the participation of national and international artists whose works have air as their main element.

The show includes a variety of works ranging from large installations to inflatable sculptures, interactive and digital works, as well as a video gallery dedicated to delving into the history of Inflatable Art. Participating artists include renowned international exponents such as Eness, Plastique Fantastique, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Cyril Lancelin, among others.


When visiting the Balloon Museum you can discover different spaces: rooms with figures and sculptures made of air, huge inflatables, spaces that play with light, mirrors and color, “mini disco” area, rooms with huge balloons and others with many surprises … and the one that enchants all who visit it is the room with the giant ball pool.

Since its conception, the Balloon Museum has received recognition for its originality and innovative approach to contemporary art. “Pop Air” is the first exhibition dedicated to inflatable art in Barcelona, where 15 international artists exhibit their works, exploring all facets of air as an element of construction and sculpture. Each work, designed to interact with the viewer, invites a sensory experience that stimulates reflection and creativity.


Each piece offers a unique perspective on inflatable art and its ability to create new spaces for physical and cultural socialization.

The Balloon Museum will be open Monday through Sunday, with flexible hours to accommodate the needs of visitors. Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online, with discount options available for groups and families.

Discover “Pop Air” and immerse yourself in an exciting journey through inflatable art!


Web: Balloon Museum Barcelona

Dates: From May 1 to September 15.
Place: Palau Victòria Eugènia, Pl. de Carles Buïgas, 7, Sants-Montjuïc, Barcelona.
Hours: Consult opening hours on the museum’s official website.
Ages: Suitable for all ages. Especially recommended for families with children.

Prices: There are different rates and, if you go as a family, a pack of 4 at a better price. Check them all on their website

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