Adjacent to the park Santa Amèlia of which we talked about in this post a few days ago, are the gardens of Villa Cecilia. These gardens and the house in them were owned by Eduardo Conde who named them Cecilia in honor of his wife.


Like Santa Amèlia park,  Villa Cecilia park is big and has various zones to enjoy in a different way.
If accessed from the street Santa Amèlia on the sides there is a small water channel surrounded by vegatation.

Parque Villa Cecilia

The building inside the gardens is now the Civic Center of Sarria where countless activities for all ages are taking place. There are many courses and workshops for children.


On the right hand there is the playroom. This space is great to go with young children, from 0 to 6 years old. There are three distinct zones: a room for the kids with toys for children from 0 to 2 years old and padded floor, another room with games for the older and a fenced outdoor space with many motorcycles, shovels and toys. It is open in the mornings and the evenings and is ideal for children to play in a more controlled space.

Ludoteca Villa Cecília

Ludoteca Villa Cecília

For the elder kids of the family there is a great track of cement with baskets,  (when I was younger I had skated on this track … What memories!) and also some ping-pong tables.

Pista Villa Cecília

Villa Cecília

And for the adults, and why not, also for the children, a space to keep you fit and exercise.

We propose you a workshop in Civic Center of Sarria, some time on the playroom and end up playing in the Santa Amelia park, a plan in two of the best parks in Barcelona.

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