We have discovered a supermarket “japo” in Barcelona. For sure there are more, but we love this one and we have it close enough to our house. They are kind, they have the richest food at a good price and it’s full of entertaining objects like decoration that the girls love. That’s it, let’s go.

Many of those who read us already know our family passion for Japanese food. Fortunately, the girls also share this passion. (Rice, fish, fried vegetables… will fascinate any child).
Japó Tofu has solved many unexpected dinners for us: the big yellow banderole at the entrance already indicates that there is “take away” service.


The local is a supermarket-shop of Japanese tofu(soybean curd), owned and run by Japanese.


But don’t worry, the products are in japanese and translated to castellano (spanish). The small decorative objects always delights my little daughter.


At the backside of the store, in the refrigerator is my favorite part: discs of sushi, sahimi and ready-to-consume makis. Daily prepared with care by the owners.


There are also complete discs where you can take them at home with your menu prepared  by 6.80 eur. The best of Japan placed on a disc, fresh and daily made.


In another fridge, there are various types of raw and processed tofu, prepared in different ways. The large amount of tofu types that exist in Japan can be surprising at first. But if you think about all the varieties of cheese which exist only in Spain, parallelism might result more understandable


The owners of the local are incredibly friendly and always close advising you. In the sight of having doubts in choosing between tofu compact type or soft type, the owner explained  me in detail the differences. When he understood that what I wanted to do was, to use it in salads, told me that it would be better the soft type, and gave me a sheet with cooking recipes.You don’t need to know japonese or even read, kids already know thw these “noodles” are for them and they ask for them 🙂


As you can see the small supermarket has a huge variety of japanese productos that you can take at home.


Rices, misos, soybeans, mayonnaise, canned food. Their famous beer brands


Green tea, ciders, soft-dring melon flavored…


The appearance is impeccable, everything is as good as it looks.

For those who are also fans of “Japanese” food, take note of this Tofu shop and Japanese products market. Do you know any other Japanese supermarket in Barcelona? What is your favorite Japanese restaurant?

Japó Tofu

Aribau street, 119 (close to restaurant “La Camarga”) 08036 Barcelona

Phone: +34 934537352


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