In other posts we were talking about the spectacular views of Barcelona from the road of waters or the Carmelo anti-aircraft bunker. The ones we are going to talk about, today are on the other side of the city, right on the mountain of Montjuic, and are truly some of the best views of Barcelona.


I’m reffering to the Municipal Swimming Pool of Montjuic. You will all remember directly all of the wonderful photos that were made in the Barcelona Olympics’92 on the occasion of the diving championships.

We took advantage of this event to go and see the diving competition to the Municipal Swimming pools of Montjuic. The area is privileged since, from the bleachers you have the city at your feet. My photos do not shine so much like those of the professional photographers, (here’s the comparison in case there was a doubt :), but the visual spectacle is unbeatable.

Since it was an entertaining plan and anything related to sports makes children love it, we organized with a few friends an infantile meeting to cheer up the 10 meters feminine divers. We had to protect them of the sun that was heating enough since you are completely exposed, because the bleachers have no shade. We can show you a few images of the spectacle and of how nicely we spent the whole time there.

Piscinas Montjuïc Mundial Natación Barcelona

The winners were Chinese (as it’s becoming very common lately) and we joined their funs to celebrate it all together.
You’re still in time to attend any competition within the World Swimming championship because it ends on August 4. Remember that you can get a 30% discount with the coupon code provided on our AGENDA for this weekend.

If what you want is to have you a swim in the pool with the best views of Barcelona you have to wait for the championship to finish world and get close to Montjuic.

Municipal Swimming pool of Montjuïc:

Hours: Monday-Friday 11.00-18.30 h (only  july and august)
Direction: Av. de Miramar, 31, 08038 BarcelonaHow to arrive: From the metro station Paral·lel, take the funicular that goes up to  Montjuïc (you can use the same metro ticker for the journey).

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