I have several friends who have recently given birth and others who are waiting soon to do so, something that makes me particularly attentive to the baby fashion shops, thinking about finding something nice to give them as a gift.


Walking with the girls along the outskirts of the Hotel Claris of Barcelona, we passed by in front of Petit Armari and the storefront called us the attention so much that we begin to look with curiosity.


The place is huge, with a loft-style decoration. The showcase has a beautiful little wooden house with trees and lights, where some pieces of clothing and other objects are exhibited.


In the area dedicated to children’s fashion, they have the clothes distributed by ages: from 0 to 2 years, and 2 to 12.


They also have a special zone ‘first time’, that is the one I was looking for, for babies with original and different parents, away from the classic pink and blue.


There is a wardrobe for children’s disguises “of luxury” that made the delights of my oldest daughter,she wanted to buy them all!

At the back of the store can be found cribs, bedding, cushions and other items of furniture for the children’s room, all very different from what we can find in any franchised child store of a shopping center.


Even though we were in Le Petit Armari of Eixample, there is Le Petit Armari store located in Sarrià (address at the end of the post).

For wearing fashionable clothes to your children at prices more adjusted, in Le Petit they have a small space with outlet clothing, with previous collections of clothing and discounts on the price of the label.


Petit Armari (Eixample)
C/ València 275, 08009, Barcelona – Phone: +34 93 272 1310
Petit Armari (Sarrià)
C/ Pedro de la Creu 18, 08017, Barcelona – Phone: +34 93 280 1094

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