Here is an idea for these holidays: visit the museum of Barça, the Camp Nou Experience with children. It is an iconic stadium and a museum that worths a visit, whether you are culé (supporter of FC Barcelona) or not. Children will have a great time!



Reach the Camp Nou is very easy. If you go on car, there are many parking places nearby. But the most comfortable way is on public transport: Metro Les Corts, Maria Cristina or Badal. You can also go by bus, the new line H8 takes you there directly.

The adult ticket for Camp Nou Experience costs 23 Euros. Child tickets for children from 6 to 13 years old cost 17 euros. If you’re a student, it also costs 17 euros.

Children under 6 years old enter free (but they need a ticket, worthing 0 euros. Attention if you buy the tickets from Ticketmaster)


We wanted to buy the tickets for the Camp Nou Experience with discount on internet, and at the end we were only able to find the ones for the Club of Subscribers of the newspaper Vanguardia (tickets  2×1 until 15/12/2014). To see the link click HERE.

Once inside, you start to enjoy. The visit is well sequenced, and on the beginning you are going through the most important areas of the Camp Nou: the players tunnel, the press room, the mixed zone, the small chapel with a replica of the “moreneta”,  the visitor team locker room … everything with a really modern graphic image.


There is a part of the tour where you can be in front of the benches and next to the field of the stadium (the access is fenced and it is not allowed to step on). Then you climb up the steps and you enter to the press boxes, looking from there the field while you are listening  broadcasts of matches in different languages.


In the press room you can take pictures holding some of Barça´s most iconic trophies (attention, the photo is not free).


At the players tunnel, Sofia immediately identified the image of Leo Messi. He is her favorite player.


Esther, however, liked more Cesc Fábregas.


After the tour, we entered into the museum. We loved all the multimedia technology that allows a constant interaction: headphones where you hear the anthem of Barça or the highlights of the team´s history, retransmited by famous radio journalists. Touch screens where you can select the videos of the best matches. Personally, I loved the “installation” tribute to the players and fans, pure digital art.


We also liked the mix of historical artifacts with more modern ones: from the first footballs, when the stadium was inaugurated, back in 1957, to the four consecutive gold balls of Leo Messi,


passing to the trophy of Pep Guardiola as the best coach in the world, awarded by FIFA in 2011.


As we said, there are not only football trophies and souvenirs: in the Camp Nou Experience  you can find objects and trophies from basketball, hockey, handball and futsal.

Inclunding many personal items of great sports legends, donated to the museum: to be highlighted, the cycling jersey of the Tour de France leader Miguel Indurain and the jersey of the Tour of Spain leader Melcior Mauri.


In tennis, the racquet with which Sergi Bruguera won Roland Garros in 1993. In motorcycling, the jumpsuit of Jordi Gene or the pants of Marc Colomer. And in basketball, the shirt with dedication of Pau Gasol. There are even two trumpets of Rudy Ventura!


Throughout the exit  bridge, are exposed big photos of all members of the football team. Speaking of photos, if you want and at an extra price not included in the entrance, you can take a picture with the player you choose … thanks to a photo montage 🙂


And of course, if you want to buy a souvenir of Barça, you can do it on the “Megastore” or in any of the small shops that are all around the place.

camp nou experience

The visit to Camp Nou Experience is highly recommendable. We are looking forward to returning to try the ice rink!


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